We listen carefully to what you want to achieve and base our suggestions on your lifestyle, hair texture, and condition.

We have advanced training on many different hair cutting techniques that will help you create movement, texture, body and style to your hair.

Our Haircuts are priced as follows:

  • Women $45 & up
  • Men $24 & up
  • Children (0-6) $18 & up
  • Boys (7-10) $21 & up
  • Boys (11-15) $23 & up
  • Girls (7-10) $28 & up
  • Girls (11-13) $37 & up
*Long / Thick hair or to Blow dry curly hair straight is an additional $10 and up.
*Stylist's pricing may differ.


We offer several procedures that can give you the straight hair that you have always wanted. Please call for a consultation to decide which service will help you achieve that look.

Our straightening services are priced as follows:

  • Cold Straightening $100 & up


Are you looking to add curls, volume or texture to your hair? We can help you achieve the look you desire.

Our texture services are priced as follows:

  • Whole head $90 & up


We offer facial hair removal ( waxing)

  • Eyebrows $12 and up
  • Lip $10 and up
  • Chin $11 & up